“This must。”Tolsmu,Krevo et al. Heard that he nodded,I immediately put this hydrogen on a rock.。

Then the last eleven people quietly left,Flying to the north。
“what is this?”The voice of the monster night song is floating next to this hydrogen bomb.,Carefully observe this hydrogen bomb。
“Boss,We don’t know if we look at this.。”Iron hand,Chasing the two people smile referring to this hydrogen ballistic:“What powerful murder can they make。”
“I advise you to retreat.,Go back to200Kilometer。”Just when the two people fell,The figure of the Dongfang Yin came out。
“Why is this?The girl knows the power of this kill?”The monster night songs are slightly surprised,They have a speech of Torsema et al.,The power of this killing is not reached180Kilometers。
“This murder success rate is 90%,Killing horror,Maybe you can destroy your Yuanshen。”Dongfang Yin。
Tell this,Demon night songs, etc.,But I can’t think of the woman in front of him. I believe this murder’s power.。
And the success rate is actually so high。
“The girl is really true?”Demon night songs, I can’t help but ask。
“Letter do not believe you,let’s go。”Dongfang Yin went to the north of the void to the north,Containment with the figure of the black clothes, I can’t disappeared.。
“Boss,They are not a dramatic?”Iron hand。
“good,Boss,This is not,You said that such a powerful power can be made instantly.,We must stand180Kilometers away?This murder is too big.?”I don’t believe in authenticity.。
“this,I also don’t believe,But be careful,We stand200Kit in the high altitude。”The monster night song is biting and biting.:“go,First go to high altitude。”
“it is good!”
Iron hand and others have heard of the sky.,Four people have been gone very fast,It quickly disappeared in this empty。
The area of the South also has a ghost shadow.,This person is the attraction,Receive the messenger smiles this direction。
“I don’t know if I can succeed.。”Receive the messenger looks at this void mutter:“Really expecting,If it is successful,Continue development in the future,Unable to enhance the strength of my humanity。”
“correct,That guite opened up new martial arts http://www.game9678.cn according to this killing,I am in personal experience.,See what strength is this。”Receive the messenger muttered,His figure is strolling。
It’s like a ghost that is in the edge of a hydrogen bomb.,Quietly stare at this hydrogen bomb。
Time gradually。
Half of the time,This hydrogen rang sounds sounded。
“ten,Nine,Eight two!”
Countdown to start this moment,The connection messenger feels that a devastating power is out of the hydrogen bomb in front of you.。
When you are not going to dodge。
The devastating power has covered his figure.,Center for this area,A huge mushroom cloud,A huge,Intangible air waves sweep to eight wild。
Waves and squares dozens miles。
This area is like an earthquake,Greatly vibration,Tremble,Rock collapse,Empty180Two mirroads,Like a lightning strike,After retreating。
http://www.leitapp.cn Especially the three people, such as the iron hand,Horn angle overflows a blood,The monster night song is pale a bit。
“Good powerful attack!”The monster night is full of excitement:“I hope that my human beings have hope.,I hope that my human beings have hope.,Magic river!”
Like a successful test,The demon night song is excited, there is tears.。

This news can’t be honest.,It’s already http://www.tiansilang.cn known.。

World’s forces,So therefore vibration。
In China,Have a dark flow in the fierce。
Daguate、Ancient Wu family and hidden family,Continuous down to various orders,What is it ready?。
What is also waiting for?。
There is also a major part of the eyes,I have turned into the Beijing Meijia Outlet.,Ling Yun Group Xia Xue。
And Changan Li Jia。
More eyes,Falling on the Tianxing Summer Yun。
All guard,Guard。
There is an invisible atmosphere to suppress,Brew。
No one can predict,What will happen next?。
Those who stand in a high place know,Holy War has not been avoided。
Shortly after,Outgoing a message。
Tianstrooms have rushed to Zushan.。
He not only with people,Also with a very advanced diving instrument。
“Captor can’t find the summer and the rush of the day,No one can determine their http://www.open3dnet.cn life and death。”
This is the announcement he issued to the world.。
Although it is just a sentence,But there is a deeper level meaning。
Summer bodies have not found,Give me an old man。
This is not only a warning of the majorities of the country.,It is also deliberately saying that、Dark Parliament、Madman、Victoria、The forces represented by Xianti and others。
Let them don’t so much。
Jinxiu Garden。
Villa,Liu Qingqing’s body is like a lightning strike,With an unbelievable and ignorant,Looking back in the opposite side。
Her face is pale to the extreme,It is also fear to the extreme。
Half half,She barely smiled,“Grandfather……You,You must be lie to me.,right……Hunch!”
Not finished,Pale face is bloody,Blood spurting,The whole person planted toward the ground。
Laogee eye health,Hurry http://www.volnn.cn to support her。
“Me……I am fine.。”
Liu Qingqing wipes the mouth of the mouth,Tough smile,“Grandfather,I am really nothing.……”She thinks that she is away from the summer.,Accompany yourself,shop,Even I bought a rose to give myself.……He……That is to say goodbye to yourself.。
Different sayings from death。
I think here,Liu Qingqing feels a few knives,Erogent again,Eyelids,Dizzy。

He remembers very clear,Monica does not have any friends at all。
Don’t say it is anisotropy,Is the same-sex friends and less。
“My surname,Summer day。”
Summer with fluent English smiling and responding。
Since Monica does not introduce yourself,Summer naturally understands her meaning,I immediately reported a false name.。
Summer day?
Ena and Harris are opposed to each other,Obviously don’t believe。
“I don’t know what to do.?”
“Me?Unemployed visitor。”
Ena scored again,“How is Xia Mr. Xia??”
Summer laughs,The face is full of unpredictable http://www.yuanjingjiankang.cn smiles,“Put in this way,Some twists and turns,Do you want to hear??”
“Of course I want to listen。”
Ena will respond,Harris flashes。
“That is a dark night,I am alone in the dark street.……”
Summer feelings,“I am very hungry at the time.,Very afraid,Very panic,Then……I was hicked into a dark roadway by a few female rogue.。”
Stunned in the two,Summer eyes flash panic,Seems to be a nightmare,“They……They actually want to strengthen me……”
His voice,I am afraid with a few points.,A bit lucky。
“Just when I am about to fall,My goddess,The His Hall of the His Hall is down from the sky,Save me in the sea,Ah……Praise goddess,Praise……So I decided,I have to follow the His Hall of the His Hall of this life.,Never give up,Never change heart,Tianxiao,Eternal life,Together……Ah——”
Ena and Harris are stayed.,One of the brains of the two。
Their eyes,Look at the summer like an idiot。
When we are a fool?。
“I know you don’t believe it.。”
Summer turning,Extremely serious,“But this is a real thing.,Oh,I am too excellent.,Too handsome,Those women……Oh,Now I understand one thing,Not only is beautiful, women go in the street is not safe,Just as a handsome guy like me,A person is not safe at night.,The current woman is really terrible……”
Not finished,Slaid open distance,Eye gods look at Eun,“You,You won’t want to have my body.?I can tell you,I never promised。My soul,My flesh,It belongs to the His His Royal Highness,Who can’t take it。”
Fax has。
Ya’s chest pain,The nose is angry.。
Harris next to Harris is also a mouth convulsion,Looking at summer narcissism,I can’t wait to play it.。
“Cough……Mr. Xia,You have more。”
Euna turned over white eyelids,Bare to squeeze a small smile。
She regrets now,Why do you want to test each other?,I will find a chance to try it directly to try him.。
What is the other party??
Not important at all。
Speech,Several people renewing the arch bridge,Come to http://www.yingzrd.cn the square below the cruise ship。
The previous youth called Clark,With a few guards welcome,“Miss Ena,Mr. Harris。”
Ena Road,“This is Mr. Xia,Good friends under the Hordic His Hall,I live here in these days.,You must be responsible for the safety of Mr. Xia,Have you heard it?。”

“Am i sleeping too?Busy。Mr. Yao called,Invite us down for dinner”Xia Jian lied as soon as he rolled his eyes,This kind of thing is absolutely wrong, let Zhao Hong know。

Zhao Hongyi listen,This made the door open,She took a breath and said:“Hold on!I clean up,Can’t go on like this”
Xia Jian was overjoyed,Hurriedly answered,Sat on the sofa。Zhao Hong got into the washcloth and started to pack,Woman is like this,More trouble than men。But Xia Jian is also used to their approach。
Yao Junli doesn’t know if she is really rich,Or because of Xia Jian。The three of them also arranged the dishes on the Meimei table,There are two bottles of good wine on the table。http://www.tylhcpa.cnXia Jian silently calculated,This meal just passed a thousand。
“Come!I didn’t expect we could meet here,It’s really fate that can’t be driven away”Yao Junli said,Raised the glass。
Beautiful Wine,Still meeting a confidant from another country。This makes Xia Jian very happy,He is busy lifting the cup,Had a touch with Yao Junli,Then I did not forget to touch the glass with Zhao Hong gently。
A few glasses of wine,Everyone has more words。Yao Junli persuaded the wine,Asked while smiling:“You two come to the provincial capital for something,Still romantic?”
“What’s going on,Do you think I am a person of sentiment?”Xia Jian asked with a smile。
Yao Junli glanced at Zhao Hong and said:“It depends on who you are with?I saw it anyway,You’re carrying her,And also attracted the envy of everyone,This is the truth“
“President Yao!We really http://www.bigdress.cn have something,But it’s for official business,That’s why he took me,Otherwise I really don’t have this blessing“Zhao Hong said shyly。
Yao Junli smiled and said:“is it?You still have business to come to the provincial capital?President Xia!Did you reveal,I think what kind of official business must bring a big beauty here,But also running across the street”Although Yao Junli is joking,But it’s a bit chasing after。
“I want to develop new agricultural investment projects,But this project must be supported by the provincial capital。It just so happens that Zhao Gong has an acquaintance here,So we came together”Xia Jian smiled and said。If he doesn’t seem to lead the topic,Yao Junli will break the casserole and ask to the end。
Yao Junli’s beautiful big eyes turned and said:“Agricultural investment again,I think your vision is good,But http://www.ningbodianqi.cn we found,Agricultural investment not to mention tiring,The benefit period is too long,Also prevent natural disasters,So I advise you,Let’s attack the city!Such as the hotel industry,This is also a good project”
“Oh!I forgot to ask you,This hotel is your own?”Xia Jian asked in surprise。
Yao Junli nodded and said:“Yes!What kind of money can I earn by staying in Pingdu?,Still have to come out and see the outside world。Don’t look at me, the hotel only rated three stars,But it does not earn a lot”
Xia Jianyi couldn’t help but admire the woman’s power。
First0928chapter Fake boyfriend

This crazy woman,Xia Jian couldn’t help shook his head,But Alice still caught up,Holding his arm,The two went to the second floor together。

Xia Jian found a room casually,He opened the door and walked in,This rich man is different,Everything in the room,Xia Jianyi turned around,Lay on the big bed,A sense of comfort came to my heart。
“Your bed is so big,Do you want us to sleep together?”Alice opened the door,Leaned in and asked with a smile。
Xia Jian knew this woman was joking,He said very generously:“sure!Please come in”
I heard a scream outside the door,Alice may have been taken away by some other women,Xia Jian couldn’t help but laugh secretly,It seems that this woman who has been abroad,At least in terms of http://www.jixianbuxiugang.cn personality,Still relatively open。
Xia Jian rinsed,Undress and go to bed,In a short while, he entered the sleeping town,Suddenly a cool breeze blew in,I saw Alice squeezed in from the door wearing a thin pajamas。
The woman locked the door from inside,And put the finger on the mouth,Made a hush gesture,Maybe the other women in the next room didn’t sleep,She is afraid of disturbing others。
Looking at Alice’s proud chest,And the jade body looming under the pajamas,Xia Jian’s man’s instinct suddenly broke out,Face like a self,If I don’t even reflect at all,,That’s really not a man。
Alice does not wait for Xia Jian to speak,Jumped into bed,Got into Xia Jian’s bed。
what should I do?Xia Jian’s heart is fiercely fighting。Alice stuck her mouth to Xia Jian’s ear,Speak softly:“Handsome boy,I like you for a long time,You just come!No one knows http://www.shikejin.cn anyway,Tomorrow you are you,I’m still me”
“No way,I can’t do this”Xia Jian’s mouth is dry,Grunting in the throat,I wonder if Alice heard his words。
Alice’s silky little hands,Walking in Xia Jianshen,Xia Jian’s enjoyment,The woman said softly again:“You are still not a man,Isn’t it casual to do this kind of thing??”
**Finally broke out in Xia Jian’s body,He cursed secretly,You show.Twat,I want you to see,Is Lao Tzu a man?,Turn over,Xia Jian pressed the past fiercely。
Bang,Xia Jian felt pain all over,Open your eyes,Found myself sleeping on the ground,Turns out this is a spring dream。The sun has come in from under the curtains,It seems that it is not early。
I went to her uncle,Alice of this fairy,Made me have such a spring dream,It’s really the same,Xia Jian cursed secretly,Got up from the floor。
Okay,I rolled down the quilt,Otherwise http://www.skyfootball.cn it’s hard to say。Xia Jian took a look at the bedside watch,My darling,It’s past eight o’clock。
Open the curtains,Xia Jian saw in the back garden of the villa,Wang Lin is sitting on a swing,What book,Looks very focused。Golden sunrise,Reflected on her,Like a string of beautiful pearls,Rose flowers beside her,Fighting for beauty,Such a beautiful picture,Almost stared at Xia Jian。
Suddenly Wang Lin stood up,She moved her body,Look up,I saw Xia Jian at the window,The woman smiled shyly,Chao Xia Jian beckoned。
First0290chapter A moment of life and death

Lin Feng’s figure came to the three people,Looking at the golden tyrants lying in the bloody and Pu Wangba,This two people are very miserable。

The snake is deadly looked at the two people.:“Need no need to do again?”
“Do not,no need,I say!”Park Wangfei shakes the voice:“What do you want to know,I asked me directly.。”
“This is almost!”Snake is dead to look at Lin Feng Road:“Maple,What is the problem?。”
“A map,Keeping a map,Growth area of the gods of the gods,And white tiger,I heard that you have a white tiger.,There is also a news http://www.sandcat.cn of the blood knife,There is75%Map message。”Lin Feng looked at the two people。
“Yes,Yes!”Park Wangfei shakes the voice。
The snake is idiocuty, and I took out a notebook and a pen with the body.,Then I handed it to Pu Yiba。
Pu Wangba slutted hand painted the map。
“Mix,Park Wangba,You blends!”Kim Bawang,This is anger。
“Humph!”Lin Feng snorted,Directly,Pressing on the chest of the King King,Kim Bawang screamed,Sternum,Die,The body is very fast.。
“Five poison!”Park Wangfei shakes the voice。
“Faster!”Lin Feng cold road。
“Yes!”Park Wangweic halt bus,And after writing various information,For life,This is spelling out.,Soon a piece of information is organized。
“There is also a biochemical test!”Lin Feng cold road。
“this,Lee,I beg you not to kill me.!”Park Wangba heard the face of his face。
“I don’t kill you.!”Lin Feng faint:“Say!”
“The biochemical test is actually experimenting a drug,It is the three Star Empire Biological Co., Ltd.,This drug is injected,You can make an ordinary person master the power level。”Park Wang Hegemony。
“You are looking for people’s experiments?”Lin Feng asked。
“Do not,How can we use the country’s person to test,You also know that our Empire is economically developed.,Many people want to work on our side.,So we will from China,Southeast Asian region convened migrant workers,We use these migrant workers!”Pu Yiba explained:“Especially in the Chinese people。”
“how many people?”Lin Feng heard the killing of his heart。
“Ten thousand people,in70%Chinese people。”Park Wang Hegemony。
“How much success rate??”Lin Feng heard the words。
“This rarely failed。”Park Wangbair with excitement:“Just lack some drugs,Otherwise, we can make millions of people.,Direct assault,Murder,Established a huge Empire!”Park Kawa seems to forget the pain。
Bring a fanaticism in the eyes。
“Your government is also involved.?”Lin Feng suddenly:“Or your government is the leader of them?”
“This is of course,The government is actually a few families.。”Park Wangbao said:“Lee,Do you want us to cooperate?,My Guanlin is small is the people in Southeast Asia.,so,We can divide Huaxia,how?I think you must be interested.?”
“Do not,I’m not interested!”Lin Feng cold road,He took a slap in the palm,The slap in the brain bone of Park Baiba。
Pu Wangba’s brain bone is directly shot by Lin Feng,Then,For such a fanatic molecule,Staying in the world is a scourge。
“The ambition of these people is very large。”Snake is dead frown。
“We can’t worry,Dragon,Tang family,Sheah,There are also those http://www.zxwygame.cn who are not yet vegetarian.。”Lin Feng stands up:“Don’t look at us, ask so much news,I think these news they have already mastered。”
“makes sense。”Snake is idiots。
“Let it go,We left here。”Lin Feng talking to the waist,Looking for two metal sheets from the skull of the two。

It’s good to absorb enough for nine tails.,It’s more yin and yang.,I have not been given by the springs.。

Spring,A large number of roots must spread from him.,Form a one by one。
“so it is,You want to speed up and get together”Nine tail suddenly realized。
This is true that it is very efficient.,But it is necessary to occupy a part of the area.,This causes a needed yin and yang.。
“no way,We only have time for more than two months.,And http://www.njlhj.cn the wind attribute, I just found the direction.,No reference,Refining is more difficult than other attributes”Spring explanation。
“Ok,Old way,Put our body out,The tail is staying here.”
“But you pay attention,Don’t take too much yin and yang”
Nine tail said。
“I know”Square nodded。
I don’t know what is going on.,Natural energy without carriers is hard to enter his space。
Unless the spring takes the initiative,Otherwise, even if the spring opens space will not flow automatically.。
Springs may be the reason why they are not fully connected with their own space and reality.。
So you can only let the nine tails absorb natural energy transformation outside,Provide yin and yang through the tail to Springs。
Dismaining fast disk,Distance between each other is very close,Try to reduce the space area required。
And the nine tails they appear in the outside world.,Leave their tails in space。
Spring is flying to a moving position in the face.。
Suddenly, a mysterious force will cover them.。
Springs and his avatars seem to be in the constant jitter。
But in fact, Quan Yan did not move,Just because of the speed of time,When they breathe, the changes in the body have become obvious.。
It looks like a jitter.。
“This is too screaming.”Just squatted。
It is still the first to help spring offers yin and yang,It was also scared by this speed.。
“This is there?,I used to be more powerful than this.,Now I know Chacrador’s benefits.”Jiuji proudly。
“Still fully absorb natural energy”Acoustic reminder。
I think of the previous experience, he is afraid.,It is really almost being http://www.susongdanbao.cn dried by Spring.。
And the rhinoceros stands there, don’t talk there.,It doesn’t love the opening。
“When will I get it?”Heavy cranes。
Nine tail disdainful laugh,This will not bear it.?
It can know what is experienced in Quan.,Almost unhappy cultivation,Also add the memory of him。
Although I have to take a break over a period of time.,But it is also terrible enough。

Most Western abilities,Will cultivate the fight。

Because when you are in the same time,Once the ancient martial arts is bullied,The abilities have no advantages.。
These are lessons exchanged with blood and bone。
Western abilities are not uncomfortable。
But there is no auxiliary and cooperation without a specific breath,Gu Wu has not played power。
Finally, I can only put my eyes on the fighting skills of the near http://www.tai-cang.cn murder.。
Continue after collision,Fasbund’s arms,Black flame,From the west side,。
Summer surrounded by the summer。
Five-order flames,Obviously have a more strange feature。
As if I can burn everything。
Even in a certain aspect,It has exceeded the scope of the abilities。
Summer handheld snake http://www.niqi3688.cn knives will dance the body。
So that is the case,Still a sporadic flame falling on the body,In an instant eroded the suffocation of the body。
Summer heart big earthquake,Take a residual shadow。
Fasbund,Look at,Kill。
A fire pillar is like a fire dragon with the giant sword,As if it is infused,It seems that the air burns。
Summer is not panic,Snake knife flows black and white color,A knife in an instant。
In one side、It’s like a circular mirror。
Black with white rice particles flashing,Instant is connected,It’s like a small chart。
Both have a hit together,Iron-fried thunder。
Star chart constantly tremor,The fire dragon seems to fall into it.。
Such as collision with the shield。
A lot of flames beat the eight parties。
But the star map is not http://www.ggpolice.cn broken,It is still advancing forward。
Fasbund microlic,Then the clothes are bliss,Throw the giant sword in your hand。
At the same time。
The giant sword is the flame aggregation,Successful blocking star,Tropied moment burst。
The violent waves are rolled with dust and gravel layers in progress。
Several Mars fall in summer,Let his clothes burned,Let him have to retreat quickly。

Chen Erniu rushed up and said:“Wang Youcai!You try。 This is the village committee,I called the police to arrest you,Believe it or not?“

Song Fang saw this posture,Get angry and leave。She forgot one thing,This Zhao Hong left,The head of Xiping Village is Chen Erniu。But she and Chen Erniu had a marriage,Although it has been divorced for many years,But everyone feels embarrassed when they meet。The other is that Wang Youcai and his son can’t do anything at all,Ma Yan was in a mess after two http://www.805man.cn sentences。
I was thinking about making trouble,I didn’t expect it hadn’t officially started yet,Already defeated。Isn’t she going to wait to be ashamed here。
Wang Degui is an old slippery after all,He can serve as the head of Xiping Village for many years,Naturally has his uniqueness。He watched Song Fang walk away,Knowing that their scene has been broken。If you insist on going down,It must be full of loopholes。
He took a breath and said:“I thought Mr. Zhao just left,Xia Jianhui in the village committee,That’s why I came to find him。Since he is not here,Then we go to the mayor to find him“
“Old village chief!I think you are old,Still hurt on the head,Then I won’t tell you。Mayor Xia’s family went to Bucheon,It may take a while to come back“Ma Yan said,Smile coldly。
Wang Youcai listened,Anger comes up,He yelled:“Is this Xia Jian a http://www.fuming365.cn cadre??Had such a big accident,He’s good,I went out to play with my ass,Don’t you be afraid of others poking his spine“
“Wang Youcai!Your fucking conscience let the dog eat it?This is a natural disaster,What does it have to do with Xia Jian?If you really want to get to the bottom,Then you have to ask your father about the cause of this。If not for him,The village chief will not leave us“Chen Erniu said angrily,He is really angry。 “I admit that this happened because of me,But there are hidden safety hazards in Southeast Mountain,Why doesn’t he care about Xia Jian“Wang Degui asked loudly。
First1814chapter Guess well
? Chen Erniu became popular as soon as he heard it,He did not expect that Wang Degui would come to this trick。And it was only a few days after Zhao Hong just left, This innocent old thing joins his http://www.seedk.cn son to make trouble。
“Wang Degui!You are also the village head for many years。What do you think it has to do with Xia Jian?No one can predict natural disasters。Moreover,You have to go up southeast mountain,None of us will invite you,It’s your son Wang Youcai who came here to beg for you。If it weren’t for Xia Jian’s wish to take care of your old man,,Can you go to Southeast Mountain?”
When Chen Erniu said this,I was so angry that I was shaking a little。Had it not been for Zhao Hong just now,He has to kick this father and son out。
Wang Degui in order to achieve his own goals,No face。Obviously Chen Erniu has made things very clear,But he still messes around,Xia Jian should be responsible for this matter。
Ma Yan is a young man,Plus she is outspoken,How can she endure Wang Degui’s nonsense here。I saw her step forward in front of Wang Degui and shouted:“Old village chief!I think you are an old man,So I very kindly advise you to leave here,Stop talking nonsense here,You arrange Mayor Xia like this,I’m not afraid that thunder will hit you?”
“Hi!You little slut,Why do you always maintain Xia Jian?Did you fall asleep by him?,Now there is a chance for righting?”When Wang Youcai heard Ma Yan curse his dad,When you get angry。

No bootes,Because Chu Deirers don’t know,What can you wash?,Just random……

Be both“Integrate”Later,Chu Dee people only see the sea of consciousness,《Wash》Still、“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”Also“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”,However, it is washed out.《King Kong Zen Lion》……
Chu Deman:???
Chu Deirers think about a lot of results,Such as washing“Zhao”and“Guest 缦 缦”,For example, the two effects unsuccessful……
However, I didn’t expect it.,I actually washed out of a grandeur’s high contemporary?
What is this principle??
However, the Chu Deirers thought about it.,Zen work、Also sound《King Kong Zen Lion》,Indeed“Homogenize”Can,and“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”There is a connection。
only……Why is it opened?《King Kong Zen Lion》?Is this Heritland?,Related to Buddhism?
Chu Deirens with doubts,I washed it again.……
After washing the marrow,“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”Remain“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”,However, it washed it out.《Huangsha Wanlong》!
Is a martial arts in the case of knife,Calculate and there are some sources of Chu Deirens——Chu Deirers from the Great Road Gaps in the Raolong Villa,Including Tian Boguang《Hazy knife》,There is also a comment on the Raolong Villa,This《Hazy knife》It is incomplete《Huangsha Wanlong》……
Chu Deman:???
Another one“Homogenize”Related practice,But but didn’t matter with Buddha.?
Chu Deirers in the heart,I have conducted a third time washed……
This result is only“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”and《Wash》,But the Chu Deiren felt,Not not washing out,But what is washed out,Wushu with yourself has been classified.!
Normal wash this time,It is one of the five-bedroom swordsman who has already mastered before the Chu Deirers.,So there is no badge……
“How to be five Yue this time?”Chu Deirers wonderful,However, hearing the voice seems to have guess.。
“Two brother,what happened?”Dog hybrid。
“nothing,First wait first, etc.……”Chu Deee is ready to try again,If you can try out who is unique,That is more confirmed!
Chapter 959 guess
“Two brother,what happened?So anxious?”Dog hybrid in the breath of water is pulled out from the house。
When passing through the rock square,Dog hybrid seeing morning meal is on the table,Can’t help but ask:“Don’t you eat breakfast??”
Be right,Already in the past
“How long does it take?,Come back and eat。”Chu Deirers rushed to pull the dog hybrid into the stone room。
“Your four grandfather has recently been in the fourteenth five-year-old passion.?”Chu Dee http://www.baiyunpj.cn people walk、Asked。
“Wu Yue?Word I don’t know,But indeed the fourteenth room。”Where is the people who have a familiar person in the dog hybrid?。
Chu Deiren heard,The heart is more determined for yourself more speculation.,After that, you will find the Ding.
Came from the fourteenth stone room,Chu Deirers directly took out the nine whip、Slow comparison is divided。
“what are you doing?Have a break, I understand the school!let go、Otherwise, you are welcome.”Ding is not four shouts。
Noise causing many people around you frowning,But the Chu Deirers are very chest.、Push“Zhao Guan Yu Hu”Air machine outbreak,Suddenly a share power is straightforward。
It can be described as a tiger、Tiger、Wang Bazhi’s pitch,Whether it is Wulin Holy, a river and lake,I have received my attention.、Ignore him,Don’t delay we understand Gao http://www.hongkangfdc.cn Wushu
And Ding is not a protest.,Three or two were made by Chu Deirens,I took out the stone outdoor。
“Four grandfather,Second brother is just asking you something,You don’t fight again.”Dog hybrids are persuaded。
“Your bunny scorpion,I see you is!”Ding does not reprimand,The arm is more screwed behind the Chu Deirers.。
“I ask you to answer,I have been honest.,You can still go back,Otherwise, I will interrupt your hands and feet.,Let you go back in this life.!”Chu Deirers said。