The Secretary leads the way,Pointed to a door and said:“Take a picture first,It may take a few minutes。”

The director of the marriage registry has been waiting inside,Peng Changyi came in and said:“To trouble you。”
Director said:“today’s weather is not good,Not too many people,So no trouble。”
Peng Changyi and Shu Qing follow the staff’s frustration,Sitting on a bench,Pose,The staff pressed the shutter。
After taking the photo,The director led them into the director’s office again,It’s already ready there。The director followed,Said:“Wait a few minutes,Do it as soon as the photo comes out。”
Liang Hang grabbed two handfuls of candy from a bag,Put on the table,Took out two more boxes of cigarettes,turn on,Ask the chief and director to smoke。
Director said:“Stop smoking,There are ladies,I have a candy,I have to eat even though my blood sugar is high,Because this is wedding candy。”
The director also ate a piece of candy。
Liang Hang said after watching the director put the sugar in his mouth:“How long will the photos be available?”
Director said:“I gonna go see。”
Director said:“Mayor Peng is very busy。”
Peng Changyi said:“I’m fine,She doesn’t have time,Today she has half a day,And the flood was released in the afternoon,If not for time constraints,We won’t trouble everyone,Just lined up outside。”
Director said:“Didn’t Mayor Peng slap me when he said that??You are so busy,How can you go to the line in person??”
Peng Changyi smiled,They said a few words about the weather。

Qin Liang has a reward,Smirk,Get close to Shen Ruoxi。

“Really?Reward?Let me kiss?”
Shen Ruoxi gave Qin Liang a look:“You pervert,Just know,Don’t you think of something else?”
Qin Liang felt disappointed,Although he is a bit of teasing,But he still looks forward to it,Shen Ruoxi can kiss him,He will be happy。
Shen Ruoxi looked at Qin Liang who was disappointed,I feel a little proud,She likes to see Qin Liang deflated。
Humph,This fool,Don’t you know what I’m talking about?。Shen Ruoxi laughed in her heart。
Just when Qin Liang thought Shen Ruoxi would not kiss him,Shen Ruoxi suddenly approached Qin Liang,Kissed him on the cheek。
“Damn,Forget it,See you behave so well,Reward you。”
Shen Ruoxi took the initiative to kiss him,Qin Liang couldn’t react for a while,As if I were in a dream,He slapped his face hard,See if you are dreaming。
Soon the hot pain on the face,Prove he didn’t dream。
“I rub,What’s going on today?So proactive。”
See Qin Liang like this,Shen Ruoxi couldn’t help but chuckle。
have to say,Shen Ruoxi laughed,very beautiful,Especially her eyes,When laughing,Like to speak love words,Qin Liang couldn’t help but watch。
After lunch,Shen Ruoxi watched TV in the living room on the first floor,Qin Liang went to her room to pack her clothes。
Qin Liang opened Shen Ruoxi’s room and took a look,a mess,All messed up,He shook his head helplessly,Stoop to pack things。
Up and down,Back and forth,Qin Liang spent half an hour,Finally cleaned up Shen Ruoxi’s room,Pick up the clothes in the bucket,So I went downstairs to wash clothes。
Although Shen Ruoxi has been watching TV,But keep paying attention to Qin Liang,Seeing Qin Liang busy in her room,Help her clean up,A happy smile on her mouth。
Although she asked Qin Liang to do these housework,But as a big man, Qin Liang,Can totally reject her,But Qin Liang didn’t,But did it very thoughtfully,This makes Shen Ruoxi like eating honey。
Qin Liang took a big bucket of clothes and came to the washing machine,When he poured the clothes in the bucket into the washing machine,Suddenly attracted by the clothes inside,Still reach out。
When Qin Liang stretched out his hand,Shen Ruoxi walked towards the washing machine with a smile on her face,She wants to see if Qin Liang is doing laundry。

Those two figures are Yang Shiyun and Yanzi!In accordance with the agreed plan,The two of them are going to guard the door with Liu Xiaoyun,But Qin Liang ignored the most important factor;No matter which one these two girls are,Absolutely refuse to let him take risks alone!So at this moment,The two of them coincidentally choose

Chose to be with him!
To be born with Qin Liang,If you want to die, die with Qin Liang!
Both girls have this firm idea in their hearts。Zhuang Hai was also greatly surprised,But everyone has entered,What can he do?So he can only helplessly follow Qin Liang behind,Stepped into the hall!According to his and Zhuang Yong’s plan,He won’t enter the hall,But Qin Liang’s two bodyguards rushed in
went,How could he let Zhuang Yong face three powerful opponents alone?!He knew the identity of Yanzi as a professional killer,Although it’s the first time I saw Yang Shiyun,But since she is with Yanzi,That must also be a professional killer,And the two girls grabbed the door’s body and speed,Absolutely all skilled masters!
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One thousand two hundred and seventy-eight chapters This thing ends here
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Zhuang Hai had no choice but to change the original plan.。
I thought there would be a lot of people in the hall,I didn’t expect to find out when I entered;There is only one person standing at a table,Writing calligraphy……This is a bit out of Qin Liang,Yang Shiyun and Yanzi were unexpected。
“master,Master Qin is here。”
Zhuang Hai took a few steps forward,Said respectfully to the person who is writing intently。

“Don’t you want everyone to ignore me??That’s not easy,Can I just get off the bus??cut,Am i afraid?Think too much,Ha ha。”

Qin Liang is dressed as a wolf with a big tail!
“Crazy you!”
Yang Shiyun can’t laugh or cry,Reached out and hit Qin Liang lightly,Annoyingly。
“Brother-in-law, you won’t be joking and look impatient?”
Shen Ruoxue tentatively asked。
“What if i say yes?”
Qin Liang asked blankly。
“do not!Everyone is talking for fun,Not anxious。”
Shen Ruoxue believes it is true,Said to Qin Liang immediately in a hurry,Liu Xiaoyun did not speak,Just looking at Qin Liang’s eyes seriously,Observing the expression on Qin Liang’s face。
Qin Liangyi found Liu Xiaoyun was staring at him,Immediately looked away,He doesn’t look at her,What to do in case of a guilty conscience……It’s hard to think of using this method to scare them。
“Why can’t you be anxious?A group of you bully me,Don’t let me be anxious?You mean I can only be bullied by you obediently, right??”
Qin Liang asked rightly back。

1.75 meters tall?

Zhang Zihao remembers that the basic data of each player was updated on the official website before the Winter Training,Including height and weight,Hu Lai seems to have grown to 1.78 meters,The weight has also increased to 66 kg。
This data is really behind……
But think about this height and weight data should also be collected by the investigator from the official website of Flash Star,Maybe the height of Hu Lai last season was indeed 1.75 meters。
It doesn’t matter,It will be correct until the winter transfer database patch at the end of March next year is applied.。
Zhang Zihao pays more attention to Hu Lai’s attributes。
Technical attributes,Pass4,Pass3,Marking1,Penalty kick4,technology3,Corner kick2,Foul ball1,Dribbling2,Steal1,Free kick2,Shot7,Stop the ball8,Header6,Long shot3。
Spiritually,Defensive position2,Work engagement3,concentrated4,decision6,leadership3,Aggressive3,Vision4,teamwork8,Run without the ball9,Imagination5,Willpower5,Brave4,Predict6,Calm7。
Physical attributes,explosive force5,bounce6,flexible8,endurance6,balance7,strong3,speed6,constitution8。
“What the hell is this?!”After reading all the data of Hu Lai,Zhang Zihao made a strange cry in the dormitory。
“Mouse, are you screaming, what are you doing loudly??”Roommate was taken aback by him。
“《Champion Godfather2023》Is the data so inaccurate??”Zhang Zihao pointed to his computer screen and said excitedly,“What kind of data is this Hu Lai?what?Only seven shots!?Only eight stops?!There are only nine without the ball!All the data does not even have a two-digit number!Dare you believe?!”
Roommate heard him say that,Slip off the bed,To see in front of his computer:“It’s terrible,The gray numbers of this blockbuster,I thought it was a gray player from the system……wrong,The ones that come out are better than this!”
“The best scorer in the Stars team last season,Hu Lai who scored 11 goals in half a season,That’s it?”Another roommate came up too,After reading Hu Lai’s data, the same complaints。
The third roommate was lying on the bed and did not move,His voice came from above:“Normal,Flash Star is only a team。Originally, the Chinese league is not very much appreciated,This is especially true in China’s lower-level league……Moreover,Even the Chinese Super League did not make every team have investigators,Our flashing star is in a managed state,Usually the investigator of Chongshan Qianfan takes care of it,How can people give the data of the first team in their hearts?It is estimated that the investigator has not even watched Hu Lai’s game,Just fill in just a few words from the news。”
Zhang Zihao looks at the game interface on the laptop screen,Frowned and complained:“I spent more than 100 to buy one《Champion Godfather2023》I just want to coach Hu Lai?As a result, Hu Lai just,Then I’m still playing a fart!《Champion Godfather2022》Doesn’t it smell?”
“Use the editor to change it yourself……”Roommate persuaded。
“No way。”Zhang Zihao shook his head,“Hu Lai is such a great player,I don’t allow other people to think he is a gray trash。This data is to be ridiculed when it is posted online to Hu Lai……”
“What can I do if I am laughed at?”

Jiang Yan helped Ding Yi outBSuper room,Jiang Fan is waiting nervously outside the door,He saw them coming,Asked quickly:“how about it?”

Jiang Yan said:“Two little guys are great!very good,Now I can finally go back to my hometown and reunite with my husband and son。”
Jiang Fan took the list from Ding Yi’s hand,Watch watch,He suddenly happily brought the scan to his mouth,Kissed that piece of paper。
Jiang Yan said loudly:“The ink on it is poisonous。”
Jiang Fan smiled,Said:“I’m kissing my children,Without ink。”
Ding Yi and Jiang Yan both laughed。
Jiang Yan said:“How do you know it’s a pair of children?”
Jiang Fan looked at Jiang Yan,Said:“You said it was a dragon and a phoenix last time?Is there a change?”
Listen to Jiang Fan,Ding Yi also looked at Jiang Yan。
Jiang Yan smiled,Said:“Of course the fetus will not change sex in the mother’s womb,That became a monster?”
Listen to Jiang Yan saying this,Ding Yi slapped her on the mouth lightly。
Jiang Yan said nervously when seeing these two people:“I really convinced you couple。”
Ding Yi smiled,Took the list from Jiang Fan,Carefully identifying which is the boy,Which is a girl,She watched for a long time,Can’t tell,Because the hospital has regulations,Do not reveal the baby’s gender like family members,So the scanned image they got,All deliberately cover up the fetal organs。
Ding Yi pointed to the fetus who was hitting ha and asked:“Yaner,Is this a boy?That is a girl?”
Jiang Yan took a look,Ding Yi guessed the sex of the fetus all at once,She asked differently:“how do you know?”
Ding Yi said:“Don’t know yet,The most naughty one,Just like him,And you see,He is not honest,So I judge him to be a boy,The other one must be a girl,Look how quiet she is?”
Jiang Yan smiled,Said:“sister in law,It can only show that you are right,This will him on top,I might run down in a while,They are athletic。”

Erbao keeps clean、A pair of beautiful eyes,said laughingly:“Quantity。”

“Quantity?Did you measure it for brother??”Jiang Fan continued to ask。
Erbao thought about it,Shaking his head,The two croissant braids on her head were shaken by her.。
Jiang Fan smiled,Looked at Ding Yi and said:“This amount,Knowing to please girls at such a young age,I have something delicious for Erbao,Never give Dabao。”
Ding Yi heard this,I looked at him strangely,Whispered:“Don’t say this in front of a child。”
Jiang Fan knew that he had missed the word,Said:“Kids don’t understand these。”
Ding Yi said:“Don’t understand?That’s you overestimating the adult’s IQ。”
Dabao may have heard what Dad said,He changed into a new suit and stood in front of his father,Said:“He gave me fruit peel。”
“Oh?Then I wronged this kid,Haha——”Jiang Fan laughed。
Dad looked at his watch,Said:“It’s late,You go back,It’s time to take a rest after washing the child。”
Ding Yi turned around,Find out the dirty clothes changed by the children taken away by the mother-in-law,In a bag。
Dad Jiang saw it,Said:“Didn’t your mother just say it??The clothes are not dirty,She just rubs two,Without much effort,Don’t take it back。”
Ding Yi always took home the clothes that the children changed in a day to wash,Seldom let mother-in-law wash,In-laws took the baby for a day,Eat and drink,Already very hard,She tried not to let them wash the children again。
Ding Yi said:“Mom washes effortlessly,I’m even more effortless。”
Mother Jiang came out of another room,She has a small paper bag in her hand,There is a small white pill inside,Hand it to Ding Yi,Said:“This one,Go home and give Erbao to eat,She didn’t digest well today。”
Ding Yi takes it,Looking at daughter,Said:“Should I hold it myself or let my mother hold it for you?。”

Several exclamations sounded one after another。

The little girls are not amazed by the exquisite curves of Yanzi,What they marveled at;The scars all over Yanzi’s body!
“Show me clearly!Look at these scars on your senior sister。”
Qin Liang knows no matter how much,It’s better to let a few girls see it,That’s why he let Swallow take off his clothes,Show them the scary scars,Simultaneously,Those scars also represent honor and merit。
“These scars are all left by your senior sister after heroically killing the enemy on the battlefield,But after suffering so many injuries,She can still stand proudly in front of you,Do you know why this is?”
None of the four little guys answered Qin Liang’s question,They can’t answer。
“I know you can’t answer,Now i tell you;That’s your sister,Every minute on this training ground,The result of practicing all kinds of skills seriously。”
“She can survive such a severe injury every time,It depends on every hard training on the training ground,If you don’t want to die on the battlefield,Just cherish every training now。”
Qin Liang finished these words,Looked at these girls coldly。
The four girls said nothing,Even Liu Xiaoyun who is used to talking,At this moment, I looked at Yanzi’s body in awe。
“All right,Put on clothes,Dragon Soul Warrior Hua Yinyan。”
Qin Liang finished his lessons,Then I secretly looked at Yanzi’s almost naked body……This allowed the swallows to put on the military uniform again。
“I’m silly……This girl is thin and small,Can’t tell,The chest is so big……Really hell。”
Qin Liang secretly sighed,When he and Yanzi separated,The swallow is still young,The body is not fully developed yet,Although I met swallows before,,Also helped her heal,But at the time, all attention was on her injury,Have not noticed anything else,So today is the real“experience”To swallow“woman”Side of。
“All right,Today is your first time in class,I have said so much,Forget today,You can move freely,but,Did not get my approval,No going out,See the watch on your wrist, right??That is specially made,If i find you,The watch will beep,Then you must come back here immediately。Get it?”
Qin Liang actually wanted to be alone with Yanzi for a while,He has a lot to say to her,So I am not in the mood to teach my apprentice。
“What are we doing now?”

Jiang Fan feels Wang Jiadong may be a little tired,Plus his legs are inconvenient,Just knocked on the door,Went in,Seeing Gu Zhuo was watching what they brought,After he smiled at her,I took the purple tea set from the desk and came out。

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First18chapter What kind of leader leads what kind of soldiers
Fan Wenliang opens,Is a pot and four small cups。He held up the little pot and said:“Even though i don’t understand these,But I can see that this is a well-made pot,Body shape、Smooth lines、Proportional coordination,And the workmanship is exquisite and meticulous、Smooth pot surface,Still have money,Is a good thing。”
Jiang Fan said:“Xiaoding said,Minister knowledgeable,Just give it,Dare not fool him with ordinary goods。”
Wang Jiadong says:“Thank you for your kindness,Too precious,I want to choose a good day to open the pot。”
Fan Wenliang laughed,Say:“I really met an expert,Still open the pot,I heard it for the first time。”
Wang Jiadong smiled,Said:“You are too humble,I am an idler now,When it’s okay,A little bit of useless knowledge。”
Fan Wenliang said:“These leisurely things,Besides knowing a little about calligraphy,I don’t know anything else,But I heard Secretary Qin said,Purple clay teapots pay attention to monogamy,That is, a purple clay teapot is best to only make one kind of tea。”
Wang Jiadong says:“indeed so,But for ordinary people,So the tea leaves are made in one pot,I did that,But for this pot,I need to concentrate,I have something to do now。”
Fan Wenliang said:“Xiao Ding’s original intention was to find something for her Minister。It takes time and interest to raise a pot。”
Wang Jiadong said happily:“it is good,I’m going to concentrate on this pot later,I’m going to make fried noodles。”
At this moment,Old Gu stood at the door,Said:“Minister Wang,Discuss something with you,Can I make this diced pork sauce?”

Peter and his apprentice went out to get into their car,Only then recovered,The expression of disdain on the greasy young man’s face is getting stronger。

“teacher,I can do this kind of small family,Why let you go out in person。”Gasoline groaned while driving the car。
Peter closed his eyes in the back seat,If it wasn’t for the above, he insisted,Of course he would not go to such a remote place。
“All right,Drive,You just endure it for two more days,We’ll go back when we finish the business here。”
“Oh,Then we have to hurry,The aura here is thin,I really don’t know how they live。”
Just when the car got off Phoenix Mountain,Abruptly stopped,Peter closed his eyes and opened his eyes displeasedly,I want to ask my apprentice what’s going on?
See the car in front,Somewhat surprised,What do these people want?
No wonder the other party is so surprised,The outside scene can be seen from the windshield of the car,On the asphalt road in Liudao,The brand new Maybach stopped neatly on both sides,Beside each two cars are wearing black suits,Young man in white gloves。
Tilt of all cars,As if to pay tribute to them。
“Go see what’s going on?”Peter recovered and said to his apprentice。
Get off the oil head,Smiling towards the middle of the road,Old man in formal butler clothes。
“What are you doing?”
The old housekeeper bends down slightly:“Is this the car in which Mr. Peter is riding??”
“So what?”
The old butler still faces a smile:“My lady is afraid of neglecting Mr. Peter,Specially let the old slave come here to wait,Lead the way for Mr.!”
Peter got off the car,The old housekeeper bypasses the oil head directly,Walk towards each other。
Stop at Peter’s distance of three steps,Put your hands on your abdomen,Bend down deeply to show respect,Compared to just standing up and talking:“Dear Mr. Peter,Ms. Zhao is honored to be here,Made me wait here,Hope to treat you with the friendship of the landlord。”
On the other side’s speech,Peter can’t find the slightest fault,This series of processes seems to come from a big family,Natural and smooth。
When has there been such a butler in Bincheng??