This guy’s defense seems not as bad as he thought.

Xu Xuan took the basketball,The game did not end!
Clippers fans on the sidelines are shouting。
Xu Xuan got the head start,Naturally won’t waste this opportunity。
Clippers back to defense quickly,Xu Xuan seized this momentary opportunity and suddenly started speeding up,Passed through the Clippers defense zone and broke into the basket!
There is only one person in the basket!
I have to say that Redick’s defensive selection is really a chicken thief,He stood in a position where Xu Xuan could start dunking or layup,As long as Xu Xuan is in contact with his body,Redick will fall immediately。
But where is Xu Xuan?
He spotted Redick’s position early,At the moment when I am about to get in touch with Redick,Xu Xuan suddenly stopped,While avoiding Redick,Inspiring one-handed pass behind the head!
George·Hill is here!
He is the only person on the Pacers who can keep up with Xu Xuan!
Arc top firing!

“.”The blogger glanced at Si Yue, who was incapable of fighting behind him.,I can only nodded and said,“You must be careful。”

“Now there are three of us left。”
Wait until the blogger takes Si Yue to leave,Blackened Instant Fire looked at Sasuke and Sakura in front of him and said。
“Sakura,Fight later,You must be careful。”
Looking at Sasuke’s face with a solemn expression,Kozakura also nodded subconsciously。
The battle begins,The blackened instant flame disappeared instantly,Kick at Sakura at an incredible speed,Sakura who will not be able to react in the future kicks directly。
I chose Sakura instead of Sasuke,It’s because Sasuke’s reincarnation eyes can see the blackened instantaneous fire clearly。
Although I’m worried about Sakura,But Sasuke did not become a clone,Instead, he concentrates on the battle between himself and Black Instant Fire。
Inject Lei Dun Chakra into his Kusuna Sword,Sasuke and Black Instant Fire are caught in close combat。
The sound of lightning explosion mixed with the sound of wind being torn apart at the same time。
Even if your body can recover quickly,But the pain cannot be eliminated,Kozakura, who was blackened and kicked, rested on the ground for a while,Only gradually recovered。
It seems that Sasuke and Black Instant Fire are in a close battle,But every time Sasuke’s attack was blackened, the instant fire avoided,Then attack Sasuke backhand。
Eventually Sasuke revealed his flaws,Face the attack of the blackened instant fire,Although the skeleton frame protection was summoned in time,But it was opened some distance。
Sakura hurried forward to support Sasuke。

But Jerry West,Cannot tolerate the existence of such a player。Not only the locker room cancer,This player also clashes with the style of the team’s second boss。

There is no way,Decisively just change away,The media think the Lakers trade Ceballos for Horry is a bad deal.,But West and Kobe think they have made a profit。
Use a locker room to poison the tumor,In exchange for a historical role player,If such a deal is a loss,So West is willing to suffer every day。
Horry proved his excellence with his performance on the field,As the sixth man of the Lakers,Organize offense and defense,Take off the Lakers bench,Became the league’s top bench lineup。Especially at a certain moment, it can form a desperate offensive lineup with a shark.,The efficiency of this offensive lineup has historically been the best offensive system.。
It hit the deadly key ball at the decisive moment with the Bulls.,The Lakers could lose without that key ball!
And Horry’s excellent relationship with Kobe,It also made him very happy with the players in the locker room。Although the players don’t say,But I know,This is the person Kobe asked for!
Kobe,He used his performance to gain the respect of everyone on the team。
Even if you don’t like kobe,But Kobe’s court performance is undoubtedly great,The Lakers’ victory is inseparable from Kobe。
So this Los Angeles Lakers game against the Phoenix Suns,There are so many things to watch。
Kobe arrives in Phoenix,Hurry up and join the team,They set off together to the American West Arena,Judging from the practicality of the interior decoration and facilities,This counts as the upper middle class arena in the league,The large area of floor-to-ceiling glass windows and the TV screen wall are the impressive features of this arena。
Especially on the festive day of Christmas,Small objects full of Christmas elements filled the stadium,The team staff also dressed as Santa Claus,Characters in traditional styles such as elves to highlight the Christmas atmosphere。
Before opening,Kobe was stunned,Phoenix actually invited popular singer Brandy Norwood,Yes,It’s the Brandi who was refused by Kobe to join the prom.。
Speaking of this,It’s really Kobe’s not。
Set time back1996year5month,Kobe took out a youth magazine,Pointing to the photo of Brandi above:“I want to take this girl to the prom。”then,Kobe’s classmate reaction:“are you crazy!”
Then Kobe did everything possible to contact Brandi,Brandi was in1995Starred inABCTV station melodramaTheaOne of the girls became famous afterwards,Subsequently,After releasing his first album,She entered in one fell swoopR&BNo. 6 on the record chart,Her song《Baby》Successfully selected1996Grammy,Became the dazzling new star of the music scene in America at this time,Media darling。
Kobe’s invitation,Brandi agreed!
Then set the clock to1996year6month,Kobe is reborn,Then everyone knows the next thing。
See Brandi again,Kobe is unavoidably embarrassed,I really did a lot of silly things when I was young。

Pope Foot Wash,you deserve to have.

“Can you give me pocket money??”
“I want to buy a lot of things.”
Tang San is a human spirit,You have to give him pocket money if you are not allowed,Otherwise how to make a hidden weapon?
“What do you want to buy?”Tang Chen asked。
“Buy some blacksmith tools,Metal casting hidden weapon。”
“Too little money from part-time functions.”
Tang San said bitterly,I asked my roommate before。
The most craftsman only a few silver coins a month,And iron mother at least one gold soul coin per catty。
“Oh?Create hidden weapon?”
“no problem,I can supply unlimited funds。”
“You made some hidden weapons for Xiaodu,Can come in handy in the future!”
Tang Chen suddenly remembered,Tang Sect hidden weapon is a business to make a fortune。
And such an important military material,Of course you have to start stocking in advance。
This kid deserves to be his own brother,Free workers take the initiative to deliver。

“what?Young master,what happened?”Seeing Zhao Ming’s increasingly serious face,A Yin panicked。

“Humph,State law,Family rules。Follow the rules,What should I do if I offend Master??”Zhao Ming thought about it,Said。
“Family Law?”Ah Yin heard this word,The body trembles obviously。
“how?not talking anymore?”Zhao Ming continued to say in a calm voice。
“hit,Spanking!”Hands behind,A Yin’s low voice,Tremblingly。
“puff!”Zhao Ming couldn’t help but spit out old blood。
What did this dog system do to A Yin??
“Why is this rule so coughing?,This rule will be abolished in the future。”Zhao Ming said quickly。
“why?Didn’t you make this rule, Master??”A Yin’s eyes flashed with puzzled surprise。
I ordered?I’m wrong!I didn’t do anything!
“system,What did you do to A Yin?”Zhao Ming couldn’t help but curse in his heart。
How did that gentle and beautiful woman become like this?
“Cough,This system is wrong!Ah Yin only has a close person in his memory now,It can even be said that there is only the host alone,Of course it will involuntarily get close to the host。”
“This kind of intimacy or dependence is the instinct of every creature。”
“Is this what i asked you?What do the house rules say?I never said this。”
“Cough,This one,I’m not doing it for the host!”The system smiled wretchedly。

The historical record is played by the Golden State Warriors and King Sacramento,1991year11month2day,2Win0Lost Warriors vs. home1Win1Negative king,The Warriors won in the first quarter48:18Leading,30The point difference made the game lose suspense at the end of the first quarter,In the second quarter, the Warriors again singled out40:23Lead17Minute,such,The Warriors have led the Kings at halftime47Much。

“Don’t think about it!Don’t want to get honor on us!”Cavaliers coach Mike-Fratello glared from the sidelines。
But the game won’t change because of someone’s anger,Basketball project——It’s useless to be angry。
The game continues!Second quarter left8Minute15second!
Cavaliers’ baseline ball,This time sent Bobby-Phils。
This strong body,But the slow guard,Confronting Eddie Jones,Almost missed。Fortunately, the team’s center Mark-Westera reached the center line to support,Bobby-Phils quickly threw it to him。
Campbell as the team’s center barrier,Still didn’t participate in the press,But the restricted area,Prevent the opponent from running back and successfully score inside the line。
mark-West Raises High,Difficulty assisting the team to dribble through halftime。
The knight was almost forced8Second violation!
Brandon with the ball on the three-point line。Try to organize an offense。
“Here!”His teammate shouted for the ball,Brandon hit the ball to find his teammate。
Chris Mills cuts to the basket,Helped by Ben Wallace to prevent interference,Missed layup。
Lakers counterattack quickly!
Kobe hit the basket with the ball,Seeing the other two blocking the restricted area,Smile,Eddie Jones。
Pass behind!Sao’s batch!
Eddie Jones three-point line stop,Fake shot,Cavaliers player,Hit the middle distance,Dry jumper。

“magician,I must tell you the truth,That is, the Lakers without Kobe are just a mess,Shaq alone,The Lakers are just a playoff-level team。”

“Ok,It seems that Kobe’s importance to this team is far beyond our expectations。”
Chapter Sixty Nine Little Elvin(Ask for votes)
The Lakers locker room was a bit dull after the game,Two consecutive losses to the league’s bottom team,Very damaging players’ morale。The players are stuffed,Even Harris looked gloomy。
Harris really disliked the team’s performance today,Only one Kobe is missing,The team’s offensive system completely collapsed,This is something he cannot tolerate。
Although the young Lakers,Average age is too young,Experience too little。When they encounter setbacks,Inevitably lost。
Kobe knew this was the way the team had to go,The road to the championship will never be smooth sailing,A small failure now is a stepping stone for future success。Teammates need to get out of it by themselves,find out the problem,Become stronger
This is also something Kobe is worried about,If teammates completely pin the game on Kobe and O’Neal,They will always be targeted,A day locked in。
Wait till that day,Can teammates stand up to break the shackles?
The current Lakers players do not have this ability。Then I can only exercise them a lot。
Kobe knows what he can do,He is now fully capable of blasting out in some games40Minute,But this is not the best for the team。He needs to accompany his teammates to grow together,Otherwise just rely on him and O’Neill,Impossible to win the O’Brien Cup。
Kobe has long passed the age of being pushy,Now all he wants is championship and glory。
“Hi,Kobe。”The magician found Kobe in the locker room,Tomorrow happens to be a weekend off,They made an appointment to be a guest at the magician’s house tomorrow。

I immediately sensed the strength of the opponent,There are three soul emperors!A soul sage!

Secretly“Just the next day,Can’t wait to do it to me??”
next moment,His figure disappeared instantly,Hurried to the woods behind the dormitory……
I saw four people hiding in the dark,Their eyes are all red with blood,All are wearing the costumes of the Sun Moon Royal Soul Guidance Academy……
One of the soul emperors said coldly“It looks like we were found!He wants to escape!”
The other soul emperor beside him uttered hoarse words“This is the Royal Academy,what should we do?”
Soul saint,There is a strong light in the scarlet pupils!
Angrily“We chase!Can’t let this Qianyu go!He is the important pawn!Even if it’s tied up!”
immediately,The other three are all echoes“Yes!”
next moment,The four also burst out their soul power and rushed towards Qianyu ahead……
If the task is not completed,The three of them are more than dangerous!I’m afraid I can’t even survive!
“It should work here!”
Qianyu with cold eyes glanced around,Didn’t feel any spirit master breath……
Then turned around,Staring at the four figures that are constantly approaching in front of him under his perception……
“Whoosh”,I only heard the sound of four breaking winds,There are already four more figures in front of Qianyu……
Their scarlet eyes fixed on Qianyu,One of them coldly said“This guy brought us here specially,I’m afraid of fraud!”
Another interrupted“no need to worry,I just released the evil spirit and surveyed the surroundings”
The soul emperor on the far left carefully looked at Qianyu,When I saw the eighth-level soul teacher badge on his costume,Astonished“you guys……Look,This……This kid,He is an eighth-level soul teacher!!”

“You feel weird now,Because you don’t know enough about the mutant group,When i first came here,I thought I was miserable enough,Much more visible,You will find that there are many people who are worse than me。That pandaman is normal compared to them just now,At least follow the rules,Won’t mess around。

There are several other dangerous people,You don’t know why,Offended them somehow,Suddenly shot at you,Let you be defenseless。I just came across one the next day,Good end training,Just because I looked at him,He suddenly raised a dumbbell and slammed it at me,If it weren’t for me just watching him,Hit the dumbbell directly on the head,I’m scared after thinking about it。”
“and after?Does the instructor leave??”
“Of course,Those dangerous elements are all isolated separately。Hit my dumbbell and behave normally in the quarantine area,I only released it a few days before my arrival。No one can think of,He suddenly fell ill,Was taken back to the quarantine area。
Among the people you saw in the afternoon,Most of them are soldiers who awakened on their own,They are disciplined,Order prohibition。Few passive mutations,Belonging to join the action team in the army like me,But they can’t compare with me,After all, I was in the disciplined service before I transferred to the military,And they are all ordinary employees,Like a panda,Abide by the rules to train normally here。”
“Listen to you,Fighting is not forbidden here?”
Wu Heng said:“of course not,Instead advocate,As long as both parties voluntarily,Nobody cares。”
Gan Yifan pulled out a short knife from his calf,“No one cares about using a knife?”
Wu Heng is not sure:“Shouldn’t work,It’s not uncommon for them to compete,But no one took the knife。”Paused,react to,Nervous:“What do you want,Don’t worry about it,Almost all of them are better than me,Divided by power level,Most of them are at level four or five,There are even a few members of the army who are in the sixth level……”
“I don’t find them。”Gan Yifan stared at Wu Heng and said。
Wu Heng froze,“What do you mean?”
Gan Yifan is eager to try:“The instructor said that you are very strong,Ordinary level 3 abilities are not your opponent,I happen to be level 3……”
There is a ring on the 4th floor underground,But not in the ordinary sense of the competition arena,More like a cage arena。Mesh drawstring with special material around,Not broken,Burning without damage,The floor is elastic and the floor is the same material as the drawstring,Strong adhesion when standing on top,But does not affect the bounce。
Gan Yifan, who changed into a training uniform, did a few moves on the ring,Very excited。
Wu Heng, who also put on his training uniform, stood in the audience,He hesitated。
This is not exactly a training ground,Although there are half circles of human sandbags on three sides of the ring,Tables and chairs are placed outside,Two fancy billiard balls at the entrance,Dart target hanging on the wall,There is even a bar。
Like a bar more than a training ground。

Xu Tianran’s eyes were covered with terrifying bloodshot eyes,“Woo woo……”

This Qianyu,Even the spirit power level has reached the Contra level!!!
Followed by,The fourth spirit ring at the foot of Qianyu lights up……
Fourth Spirit Ability,Puppet mark!
I saw the dark eyes of the ghost angel behind Qianyu,A terrible purple-black mist emerged from her arms,Then slowly stretched towards Xu Tianran’s head……
Xu Tianran’s pupils widened because of the unknown,Then he swayed frantically trying to break free“Woo woo!!!”
however,Does not have any effect……
The nether angel touched Xu Tianran’s head in a purple-black mist……
These mists are like finding a vent,Surged towards his head frantically……
Xu Tianran’s cheeks became distorted,Even though he was pinched, he made a terrible cry……
“Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”
at the same time,On his forehead,A weird ghost mark gradually solidified……
Xu Tianran stopped all struggles,It’s like a lack of consciousness,The pupils shone with dark colors……
A long while,His eyes gradually appeared a little bit bright……
The ghost mark on his forehead is also hidden……
Qianyu gave him a cold look,“Xu Tianran”
Xu Tianran’s eyes condensed in front of him,The respectful Chaoqianyu Road“the host,Subordinate in”
Qianyu Leng Leng Road“After i left,You are just like before,No matter what means,Must win the rule of the Sun Moon Royal,understand?”
Xu Tianran respectfully said again“understand,the host”