Peng Changyi smiled,Said:“mayor,I don’t know she is coming?”

“Oh?”Jiang Fan obviously doesn’t believe it。
“mayor,it is true。”Peng Changyi can’t explain to Jiang Fan。
“Ok,I believe,Changyi,Why do I always feel a little……Some that。”Jiang Fan said。
Peng Changyi knew he was referring to the reporter,Just said:“Ha ha,You worry too much,People are freedom of the press,Not for us,Moreover,The reporter’s nose is very sensitive,They are reporters from the Provincial Party News,A model like Secretary Zhong is hard to ask for,Moreover,Secretary Zhong does have publicity,Don’t think about anything else。”
“Changyi,How did you tell reporter Ye?”
“I didn’t specifically say,Just gossiping,She is interested,They pervasive,I just don’t say,They can also find this typical,Don’t worry。”
“You can still talk casually?”Jiang Fan asked back。
Peng Changyi said:“I don’t often say。”
Jiang Fan said:“They come this time,It’s because I received a letter from the masses。”
Peng Changyi did not know that Ye Tong had arrived in Kangzhou,Ye Tong is really good this time,Did not call Peng Changyi,Did not harass him,Ye Tong is surprisingly sensible,Actually made Peng Changyi feel guilty。I have the urge to contact her,He thought about it,I still retracted the hand that reached the phone,Maybe,Ye Tong knows the difference in this interview,I didn’t contact myself,Say again,I told her on the phone。He felt,Even though Ye Tong doesn’t care about things,But in principle,Quite sensible。
may,The arrival of Ye Tong,Zhong Mingyi wouldn’t think of anything,He even felt his supreme glory,To know,In Nanling,Provincial newspaper reporter came to interview,Very rarely like this,On two occasions, they were inspected by provincial leaders,That was the severe hail disaster in Nanling,The second is a food poisoning in Nanling,The provincial newspaper went to the reporter,Besides,Provincial newspaper reporters have hardly been there,Let alone interview him alone。
When a comrade from the Propaganda Department of the Jinan Municipal Party Committee introduced to Zhong Mingyi,The provincial newspaper received a letter from the masses,After learning that Zhong Mingyi arrived in Kangzhou,,I’ve paid great attention to rectifying the work style of government officials,And resolutely resist unhealthy trends,And dare to fight unhealthy trends,Established a good example of integrity and self-discipline for the city’s leading cadres,This is in line with the current cleanliness construction of the provincial party committee,and so,Newspaper leaders showed great interest in this letter,Deliberately sent a capable force to interview。
Zhong Mingyi was very happy after hearing this,Immediately radiant,As if I suddenly became much taller,The tone of his speech also immediately became impassioned,He said:“This is what a leading cadre should do,Nothing to promote。”
Originally the starting point of the conversation was to rectify the style and improve the work efficiency.,But talking,Ye Tong found out,Zhong Mingyi introduced himself by himself,Including everything after arriving in Kangzhou,Such as arranging family members、Reject the mayor’s suggestion to arrange a hotel、Speed up the restructuring of state-owned enterprises、Urge the establishment of the foundation and so on,An outstanding leading cadre with a high level of competence is on paper,Ye Tong laughed in her heart,This person can really sing high-profile,If not for Peng Changyi’s trust,,She didn’t bother to listen to him talking about it。
Two reporters from the provincial newspaper interviewed Jiang Fan、Kou Jinghai and other related personnel,Until the end of the interview,Ye Tong didn’t even contact Peng Changyi。
Peng Changyi really can’t sit still,Thinking of the attitude towards Ye Tong,While guilty,I felt a little lost。Maybe I’m too tough on Ye Tong,Hurt Ye Tong,That’s why Ye Tong ignored him。
For the first time, Peng Changyi feels about Ye Tong,When he doesn’t know what to do,I got a call from Kou Jinghai。

Ding Naixiang smiled,Said:“You’re welcome,Accept it,Although the money can’t be used much,Is our heart。”

“Just,family,Don’t make such a living。”Du Lei said,Took the money from Aunt Qiao,Stuffed into Ding Yi’s hand,Ding Yi dodges,Du Lei suddenly screamed:“day,What’s wrong with your wrist?”
She called,Everyone focused their attention on Dao Dingyi’s wrist。
Ding Yi hurriedly retracted his wrist into his cuff。
Du Lei grabbed her wrist,Push up her cuffs,Jiang Fan saw,There is a bruise on Ding Yi’s wrist,Red and purple,Against her white skin,Very distinct。
Lu Yuan saw it too,He subconsciously looked at Ding Yi’s other wrist,At the other wrist,And also vaguely red and purple。
Du Lei grabbed her other wrist again to see,Ding Yi broke her away,Said:“What are you doing,Yelling。”
Ding Naixiang saw it too,Said:“Small one,How did you touch it?”
Ding Yiji Zhongshengzhi,Said:“I do not know either,My skin is like this,Just a touch,There will be a red mark,Maybe my colleague pulled me to dinner yesterday,Too much effort,That’s all。”
Lu Yuan hurried to make a round,Said:“There are relationships,Not like me,Tan,It doesn’t make the bumps red。”
Du Lei smiled,Said:“You can’t be red,It’s just black and purple。”
Lu Yuan laughed。
Jiang Fan saw Ding Yi’s red and purple wrist,His heart just moved,He didn’t expect,When I hold her wrist,Actually used so much effort,Hold her wrist like this,It would definitely hurt,No wonder she bit herself so badly。Thought of here,He subconsciously touched his arm。
His action,Ding Yi saw it。
in fact,The moment Jiang Fan entered the house,Ding Yi found out that he was wearing a long-sleeved shirt,And the buttons on the cuffs are tightly buttoned,undoubtedly,To cover the traces she left when she bit him。She knew she did use force when she bit him,There was blood on his arm。Jiang Fan is also a fair-skinned person,Red stamp on his arm,Must be very conspicuous,Otherwise he won’t change into long-sleeved clothes。

At this moment,The army opened the door and said:“Uncle Feifei is right,We have a puzzle today,Many students did not answer,I answered。”

Yue Sufen listen,Smiled immediately,Said:“That has nothing to do with the game,You should have been。”
Junjun,After making a grimace at He Pengfei, he retracted his head,Closed the door。
He Pengfei sitting at the dining table,Yue Sufen made him his favorite fried garlic sprout with shredded pork,I served him a bowl of mung bean and millet porridge,Put on the table,Watching He Pengfei gobbling down,Said:“What did you do,Didn’t you eat for three days??”
He Pengfei said:“No,Just two meals。”
Yue Sufen says:“Did not eat at noon?”
“Ok,Ignored。”He Pengfei did not eat at noon,After he got the notebook,I was busy arranging the computer for partition processing on the spot,Install some necessary software,When the computer was delivered to Ding Yi,Can be turned on。
“Why did you go?”
He Pengfei said while eating:“Went to beijing。”
Yue Sufen says:“With Xiaoran?”
He Pengfei said:“No,Myself。”
Yue Sufen says:“Tell me with a smile,I want to see you in Zhongguancun, Beijing。”
He Pengfei said:“Who has time to take her to play,My busy feet rushed up。”
Yue Sufen smiled,Said:“is it?I think you are very free,Around Xiaoding every day,I don’t see how busy you are?”
Listen to my cousin,He Pengfei put down the half-eaten rice,He can’t eat anymore,Look heavy。
Yue Sufen smiled,Said:“what happened?Was it with Xiaoding just now??”

Ding Yi waved at him。

Jiang Fan stepped on the accelerator secretly,Accelerated speed。He bypassed the bustling area,Drove onto Jianjun North Street,Drove directly into the military district compound。
Ding Yi knows his intention,If you drive to Xicheng’s home,There will be more than ten minutes,She really can’t wait,I got out of the car and covered my mouth and ran upstairs,Before Jiang Fan, he pressed the elevator button。
Jiang Fan is also anxious,It’s useless for Ding Yi to run ahead,Because she doesn’t have the key here,Since she left the key last time,Never been here。
Ding Yi did ignore the key issue,After she hurried up,I suddenly realized that I couldn’t get in,She lost the key here。
Jiang Fan didn’t wait for the elevator,But quickly ran up the stairs,After Ding Yi came up,He also arrived,He had already held the key in his hand,Open the corridor door quickly,Opened the door of the room again,After Ding Yi entered,I went straight to the bathroom。
Jiang Fan wants to go in with her,Don’t want,The door was closed by Ding Yi from inside。He just pressed the button of the bathroom exhaust fan,Ding Yi’s vomiting sound was heard inside……
First20chapter Jiang Fan who keeps working hard
After Jiang Fan listened,I also feel nauseous inside,No wonder Ding Yi didn’t let him follow。He came to the living room,Gave Ding Yi a glass of water,I thought about it and dumped it,Because he hasn’t returned to this home for some time,The water from the drinking fountain has long expired。
He walked into the study,Take out a bottle of mineral water,Turn on the air conditioner,Opened another window for ventilation。
Jiang Fan saw that Ding Yi hadn’t come out yet,I took this bottle of mineral water and came to the bathroom door,Just listen to the sound of toilet pumping from inside,He thought Ding Yi was over,Just about to knock,I heard Ding Yi’s vomiting again,Another sound of toilet pumping。
As Jiang Fan listened, it gradually became quiet,Just knocked on the door and said:“I have water here,Do you want to rinse your mouth??”
Ding opened the door and opened a gap,Reached out and took the water,She rinsed several mouthfuls,Finally sighed,I washed my eyes in the sink again,Finally opened the bathroom door。
She said weakly:“Ugh——I eat too much,Too much to throw up……”
Jiang Fan smiled,See her listless look,Step forward to support her,Said:“I am resolute,If you eat the remaining half bowl,I’m afraid it’s either you or me。”
Ding Yi said:“Shameful,If this is said,It’s just a big joke in the world。”
Jiang Fan said:“It’s ok,You can eat me like this,I won’t vomit if I stretch my stomach。”
Ding Yi looked at him strangely,Said:“Then I really became a rice bucket。”

“what,you are back,You take a break,I’ll cook。”

Only then did Shen Ruoxi see Qin Liang standing in front of him,Embarrassed smiled and said。
Shen Ruoxi at this moment,It’s no longer the elegant temperament you usually do,A dignified and domineering female president,The long hair casually tucked in the back of his head,An apron wrapped around a sexy body,But one strap is tied,The other one*before。
There are some coriander on the pretty face。
“Are you making fish??”
Qin Liang asked with a smile。
“Yes,This fish is too naughty,I want to kill it,It just jumps around,Several times。”
Shen Ruoxi’s wronged explanation to Qin Liang。
“Why don’t you let someone kill it for you after you buy it at the vegetable market??”
Qin Liang asked strangely。
“what?Can someone help me kill??I do not know……”
Shen Ruoxi looked blank。
“Ok,You are really a daughter……”
Qin Liang is speechless,How could he know,Shen Ruoxi grew up,Never bought vegetables,Cooked,Went into the kitchen。


The sound of the rapier moving in the air,The powerful oppressive sound caused by high speed,The man in white bends decisively,Dodge this unprepared attack。
The spear in his hand pierced back with fiery heat,This instinctive combat response saved his life many times!
Xia Chenglong made a sound of wonder,Because the shot of the man in white looks like a person。
Li Xiuxian,A very powerful guy he met yesterday,The long spear used is also so powerful and domineering。
“Has your guard ever studied at the academy?”
Han Rui looked up:“what happened,Brother Xia?”
“Nothing,I just ask randomly,He is strong!”
For this,Han Rui is still pretty sure,Since meeting each other,Has always been her personal guard,For so many years,Died many times!
“No matter how strong he is, how could he be Brother Xia’s opponent!”
Han Rui is not flattering,But sincerely feel so。
Within two or three days,Let Shengde City follow his thoughts,Few men can have such courage,What’s more, in this unfamiliar environment!
The fighting outside is a bit fierce,Many people are using suicidal methods to block the enemy’s attack,Or launch an offense in this way。

He had a pale and dirty face,Holding a large-caliber pistol in both hands,Leaning on the tree,Looking at the evil wolf with its ferocious teeth in front!

“do not,do not come,I,I am……what!”Han Xue hasn’t finished speaking yet,The wolf rushed directly!
I was very scared,The other party suddenly attacked,So scared that Han Xue closed her eyes and fired randomly!
The evil wolf has blood on its legs,But the other party did not intend to leave because of this,Staring at Han Xue with fierce eyes,As if there is a delicious dish in front of me!
too frightening,too frightening!
“sister,Brother Xia,Where are you guys……Woo,I want to go home!”
The ghost knows that she has been facing each other for three hours,For these three hours, one wolf stared at each other,So scared that I didn’t even gasp!
The quit model gun fell to the ground because of panic,Obviously right in front of you,But she dare not move,Because as long as it moves slightly,The wolf will pounce!
at last,The wolf can’t wait,It is sure that the deliciousness in front of you has no offensive power,Rushed over again!
Just when the paws were about to slap Han Xue’s head fiercely,The whole body stopped in the air,Unable to move forward!
Han Xue looked at that powerful back,Tears flowed out even more desperately!
This person is naturally Xia Chenglong,If it wasn’t for a woman’s roar,He has been looking for a long time!
The wolf looks at the one who stops him,Feel the danger instinctively,Prostrate,With cracked fangs,Sound of warning!
After confirming that he is not the opponent of the man in front of him, he quickly retreated!
I want to leave after bullying my girl?

“I have a hasty,That kid didn’t keep up with us just now,Did you lose yourself??”

Qin Liang exaggerated,Ling Mofeng is not a kid anymore,And this place is on the top of a high hillside where you can see almost anywhere,It’s hard to lose if you want。
“That can’t!Do you treat that kid as a fool?Ha ha。”
Yang Zhi smiled and answered。
“Big one,I don’t want to help you,you know too:Xiaoxue’s sister is my wife,Xiaoxue is my sister-in-law,So I dare not make this incident lightly,I hope you can understand my suffering。”
Qin Liang suddenly turned his face and said to Yang Zhi with a serious look。
“Oh……It’s okay,I know,I didn’t blame you。”
Yang Zhi caught off guard,Awkward,But he immediately pretended to be nonchalant and replied,Hadron and Marin remained silent。
In fact, when Qin Liang said these words to Yang Zhi,My heart is also very complicated and tangled,From his original intention,He never wants Shen Ruoxue to have a boyfriend,But after all, there is absolutely nothing between him and Shen Ruoxue“story”,There can be no story,And he really can’t bear to see Yang Zhi always struggle with this bitter unrequited love,So what should I do,He didn’t make up his mind。
At least before today,He never had any thoughts of helping Yang Zhi on this matter,But at this moment,He started shaking again for the first time,Maybe because of the environment at the moment,The atmosphere that he feels affects his reason。
“This matter,I need time to think about it seriously。”
Qin Liang said to himself thoughtfully,In fact, he didn’t just say this to Yang Zhiqi,Even to himself,It’s just that Yang Zhi couldn’t think of this。
Yang Zhi doesn’t know what to say,So I can only respond indiscriminately。
“Let’s not talk about this for now,Come back later。”
Qin Liang said with a wry smile,He also doesn’t know what to say。
“correct,Let’s rest at the base for a few days?”
Yang Zhi took the initiative to change the subject,But the sentence he asked,It is also an issue that he is very concerned about,Because the longer the rest period at the base,The more time he can stay with Shen Ruoxue,Even if you can’t stay together,You can only watch her from a distance and stay with her。
“do not know,It depends,Girls like,Let’s stay a few more days,I’m idle wherever I am,Ha ha。”
Qin Liang answered indifferently。

Qin Liang is starting to brainwash Yu’er,Since this joke was faked by Murong Qiaokey,Then he can only continue to say something,It’s not nonsense anyway,This chaotic relationship,It does exist objectively in the Shen family。

“Yep,I know。”
Yu’er nodded and answered。
“Then I am Yanzi’s master,She and I were a generation away,She is your sister,If you follow her to call me,Then you and I are a generation away!And if you and Jia’er meet in the relationship of girlfriends and sisters,Key calls me Dad,Then you are a generation behind me,Are you right?”
Not to mention,Qin Liang really took this“Mess”Relationship,Clearly explained,Plainly。
Yu’er is speechless,What Qin Liang said,She knows it herself,So she can’t refute Qin Liang’s words,In fact, it doesn’t matter what she calls Qin Liang,As long as Qin Liang can treat her as a family member,But what she finds awkward is;After being rescued by Qin Liang,She always called Qin Liang brother,I’m going to call him Dad now,This is a little uncomfortable。
“Yuer,You should call him father with me,otherwise,If we are together,Are you a generation older than me,Have you become my aunt?!If that’s the case,Why am I going to bow down with you??”
Murong Xiaoyao is doing Yuer’s ideological work seriously……
“that……I’ll change my mouth。”
Yuer hesitated,In fact, she really doesn’t mind being Qin Liang’s sister or his daughter,The only thing embarrassing her is;Suddenly this change of identity,She couldn’t adapt psychologically,Nothing else。
“Yuer,I won’t force you,It doesn’t matter what it is called,As long as we are always a family that loves each other。”
Qin Liang said that retreat is advancing。
“Not reluctant,in fact……Actually nothing,You can call anything,You could be lonely and helpless,I have nothing to bring back to this home,Already saved my life,I really want to thank you,But now I don’t have the ability to thank you,and so,and so……I don’t know how to say it,I can’t express what I want to express。”
Yuer said tangledly。
“Ha ha,Silly girl,I know what you think,Are you trying to say that you have always wanted to repay the kindness I saved you,Is it so?”
Qin Liang deliberately repeated the question again。

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Shen Ruoxue said whimsically。
“its not right!If you want to continue,Are we still running away??Isn’t this pulling the sisters to change their careers collectively?……”
Liu Xiaoyun finally“wide awake”coming!The thinking returned to the original theme of why she and Shen Ruoxue had to run away。
Shen Ruoxue was also shocked,Said by Liu Xiaoyun,She also found that the topic seems to have gone off the track for dozens of stops!“no problem, no problem,We just have a preliminary idea today,Waiting for tomorrow,Tomorrow, we two will seriously plan from scratch,Step by step plan,Think every step well!You must remember to be tight-lipped!And no one
can say!Do you know?”
Liu Xiaoyun seriously told Shen Ruoxue。
“He Qiaoer,Can’t Xiner say it??”
Shen Ruoxue asked hesitantly。
“Don’t talk about it,When I look back and test their tone, I will decide whether to take them to escape marriage。”
Liu Xiaoyun thought for a while,Then say decisively。
“it is good,All up to you,Just do that。”Shen Ruoxue nodded solemnly and agreed,then,Shen Ruoxue and Liu Xiaoyun, who have not been forced to introduce their boyfriends,Already put the plan“Escape marriage”This big event,Put it on my important schedule!Really two gods